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My Windsor Project Contest is Now Closed!

my-windsor-project-contest-closed-graphicPlease put down the paint brushes and sanding paper, the contest is now closed!

As of September 30th, 2014, we are not accepting anymore entires. We would also like to thank all the participates for submitting the projects. There was plenty of photographs and detailed information submitted. It will be difficult to narrow it down to the winners.

For a recap: Judging will be done in five categories: Doors, Floors, Mouldings, Decks and Woodworking. Prizes consist for an in-store credit worth $1000.00 (Doors, Floors, Moulding or Decks categories) and $500 (woodworking category).
Keep your receipts! The only stipulation is that the project must incorporate some kind of Windsor Plywood product.

Since the Windsor Plywood stores are sending in projects via snail mail, it will take some time before the winners will be announced. Updates will be posted through the blog and social media outlets.

Once again, thank you for sending in your projects.

Woody Wall
(Windsor Plywood mascot)

Staircase Upgrade (Entry to the Great Canadian Contest 2008)

My name is Mike and have been undergoing a reno of 1400 square feet of the upstairs of my house for the last eight months.  I have done all the work myself except the installation of gas fireplaces.  The photo I am submitting is not necessarily a ‘room’ renovation but a huge part of the house in itself.  It’s the staircase.

The reason I chose this to submit rather than a room was because of the expertise help I received to get the job done.  The staff at the Coquitlam Windsor Plywood are all top notch!  It’s great knowing you can go into there with questions that will get answered by people who know their stuff.  Unlike other stores, the information I get from Windsor is the correct info.  Your staff answered all my questions, gave me tips and were very friendly doing so.

The material I used in this particular project from Windsor was the MDF skirting and baseboards.  Hope you like!

house renos 069
house renos 008
house renos 042
house renos 044

Cards, Phone Calls and Email from Customers

Phone call received by Windsor Plywood Grande Prairie
Re: Excellent Service
Tracy C. called the store regarding Darren A. and his customer service. to say “He went above and beyond his role as a salesman and exceeded her expectations on customer service. He was just awesome!” And she was so pleased she just had to let us know how wonderful he was with answering questions and suggestions.

Email received by Windsor Plywood Langley
Re:Thank You
“Good morning.  I just wanted to take a moment to say how much my husband and I appreciate shopping at your store.  Your staff is always available to help, they are knowledgeable and friendly.  In the day of big box stores that can be frustrating to shop at (I can’t tell you how many times I have left that store without the product I was looking for because of the inability to receive assistance), it is a pleasure to go to Windsor Plywood for a more personal experience.  Keep up the great work!”
Cheers, Kathy

Laundry Room Makeover

4This project was submitted by Angelo to the 2008 Great Canadian Contest
Well, it was time for the old laundry room to make way for a whole new look.

Thanks to the wide choice of Windsor plywoods, veneers and mouldings (not to mention some nifty tiling work), I was able to transform my laundry room into something worth getting dirty for!

Using plywood and 2×4 I raised the floor about 4.5″ to create a custom-built pedestal for the washer/dryer. I then decided to add some more countertop workspace by again framing with 2×4 and plywood for a custom-built tumbled marble countertop.

The floor was tiled with granite and natural stone and a mosaic was framed in the center by the stone. The walls were troweled on and hand-polished with a “Venetian Plaster” (shiny marble-looking plaster) then stenciled with a leaf pattern in gold paint.

Wood veneers and mouldings were added to the cabinetry and door to add even more decorative elements. There’s also a pull-out ironing board center (not shown in photos) which was veneered/stained to match cabinetry.

Don’t forget to enter the My Windsor Project Contest. Entries must be received by email or mail by September 30th, 2014. Click here for more information.



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Live Edge Hickory Fireplace Mantel

bpr-mantel11The following project was completed by Blasty Paint & Renovation. (Sent in from Windsor Plywood Langley location)

The mantle was constructed of Live edge Hickory purchased from the  Langley store.  The Hickory has had the barked removed, machined, sanded, stained, and finished.  I choose a polyurethane rub coating to finish due to the high wearing, durability and beauty of this product. The face of the fireplace has been finished with a split face travertine tile and pencil tile around the fireplace face.  This is a face-less fireplace, which results in the black trim around the fireplace being covered by tile.  I really enjoyed completing this project for the client.  They are ecstatic with the final product.
Robert from Blasty Paint & Renovation, (778) 228-7467

Looking for more information or to buy some Live Edge Hickory? Check out the Windsor Plywood Langley store website.


bpr-mantel2 bpr-mantel3 bpr-mantel4 bpr-mantel5 bpr-mantel6 bpr-mantel7 bpr-mantel8 bpr-mantel9 bpr-mantel10 bpr-mantel11

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