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Beautiful Fir Slab Coffee table and Computer Desk by Gavin – Customer Project

The following email was sent in from the Windsor Plywood Langley store

Gavin was kind enough to send in some photos of two projects made from the same original Fir live edge slab purchased from Windsor Langley. They look great! The computer desk was fabricated using the cut off from the coffee table project, with some Walnut to brace. Very cool!

original_slabslab_table2slab_table1 slab_table3 computer_desk


Margie’s Fir Adirondack Chair Project

Margies-Fir-Adirondack-Chair600The following was an email sent in by Margie:
“Picture of an Adirondack chair made by my husband (painted by myself!) with fir purchased from Windsor Plywood in Langley.”

Our reply: “Hello Margie
Thank you for sending in the picture of the Adirondack chair. It looks like a fantastic project and the painting was very professional.
Question: Is this the same Margie that was the door winner for the My Windsor Project contest? Would love to see a picture of Adirondack chair in front of the new door.
I will submit the picture to the blog for July 27th posting. Thank you Woody Wall, Blog Editor”

The next day, we received this email:
“Here are some pictures of the chair with the front of the house.  front-of-house-with-chairs-600I usually have it under the Maple tree beside the turquoise bench (that way when we sit outside, we get shade).  I do intend to make a second chair for the other side of the bench and likely will paint it the same colour.
Thanks for the painting compliment.  I do all the painting and no, I am not a professional—just lots of practice and I enjoy doing it.

We’ve had tons of compliments about the door and the Pedra decking.  Thanks.

BTW—the cedar posts will be stained black Front-of-house-with-Chair-and-Bench-320 front-of-house-with-red-Adirondack-chair-320later this summer—they had to weather for a year first.  Plus I’m hoping for less heat.  And, if you look closely those are indeed hockey sticks sticking out of the cream can by the door.  My son plays hockey—I figured if they had to be kept on the porch by the door, they might as well look good being there.  I’m waiting for an epiphany about the newspaper recycle and then that will change!

When I’m done all that, I’ll likely be back at Windsor bugging Brad about the next project!”



Big Addition to a Small Cabin by George – My Windsor Project Contest Entry

As we are now living in our cabin as a year round home our plan was to make the kitchen bigger and make room for a proper water filtering system. We started by enclosing our existing 12’ x 14’ covered overhang. We also moved the dining room wall 4’ to the west. This meant rearranging the existing bathroom and by doing so we converted an existing bedroom into an ensuite and mechanical room. WE are only days away from having everything done  (has been a long 4 months). Part of the problem was the original cabin is 50 years old, it has a 30-year-old addition and we are using modern building techniques. The doors are from Windsor Plywood and are made from Brazilian Plantation pine. The cedar beams and all of the pine trim and baseboards are also from Windsor Plywood. We are very pleased with the results and have received a number of compliments.

-152 & 154-exisitng covered deck prior to construction
-173 & 174-covered deck framed in
-193- old living room – 734 & 735 new living room
-194-old bathroom-744 new bathroom
-226-old bathroom from old laundry room-743 new
-242-from proposed new kitchen looking through gutted bedroom that was converted to ensuite and mechanical room-731 & 742 new
-247-dining room wall moved over 4’ -728 new
-248-from proposed kitchen through new dining room and living room-738 new
-250-fom LR through DR and kitchen with old ceiling-728 new
-901-picture of doors before installation
-902-West LR wall-736 new
-730, 731 and 733-new photos

152 154 173 174 193 194 226 242 247 248 250 901 902 IMG_0728 IMG_0731 IMG_0732 IMG_0733 IMG_0734 IMG_0735 IMG_0736 IMG_0738 IMG_0740 IMG_0741 IMG_0742 IMG_0743 IMG_0744


Live Edge Maple Slabs Custom Stained for Customer

The following pictures were sent in from the Lloydminster, Alberta Windsor Plywood store. The project consisted of two pieces of live edge Maple that were custom stained in-house by one of the staff, Carly.
Here’s a  description, “For the sanding I used the Festool Rotex sander started with 80 grit and worked up  to 220 grit.  I used Varathane brand Oil based stain in the dark walnut colour. And finished with the Varathane brand oil based clearcoat– semi gloss. Hand sanded in between coats 220 grit up to 600 grit for the finish sand”

WP-Stained-Maple-Slab1-web WP-Stained-Maple-Slab1a-web WP-Stained-Maple-Slab1b-web WP-Stained-Maple-Slab1c-web WP-Stained-Maple-Slab1d-web WP-Stained-Maple-Slab2-AFTER-web WP-Stained-Maple-Slab2-AFTER2-web WP-Stained-Maple-Slab2-AFTER3-web WP-Stained-Maple-Slabs-web
Carly-sanding-Live-edge-CU-Web 2015-06-26-14.38.46-web Carly-sanding-Live-edge-web

Salt Spring Island Summer Garlic and Music Festival, August 8th and 9th, 2015


Where: Paradise Farm, 255 Musgrave, Salt Spring
When: Saturday, August 8th to Sunday, August 9th, 2015
How much: $30 for 1 day or $50 for a weekend pass
Accommodation: Click here for a helpful link
How to get there: Click here for travelling
Tickets can be purchased ahead of time (recommended) at this link

The Salt Spring Garlic and Music Festival promotes two of Salt Spring’s most visible assets; music  and island-grown organic foods.

The festival supports our local farmers and encourages organic growing practices. The demonstrations and information will hopefully be taken home by the participants and used for the health benefits of organic and non-GMO grown food.

Salt Spring Island has a vibrant community where the local music scene is affectionately supported by locals and visitors. Numerous award winning recording artists, career musicians, and seasoned players are part of the island music scene, with many calling Salt Spring home.

A special component will be added to the experience by offering workshops from people outstanding in their musical ability. The Salt Spring Garlic and Music Festival brings together an international group of performers, along with top-notch local talent for a collection of performances that will exceed your expectations.

Music fans and food lovers alike can embrace a very special event this August.

Visit the Salt Spring’s Garlic and Music Festival website:


Hit the Deck! – Fantastic Composite Deck by Shawn – My Windsor Project Contest Entry

Composite deck built for my mom using Armadillo Painted Desert composite decking from Windsor Plywood Regina. We ran the deck boards on the upper 8′-6″ x 8′-6″ section on the angle and the lower section parallel to the house. The deck took approximately 60 man hours.
The deck measures 20 feet, 6″ wide by 17 feet deep.
I learned that sunscreen is my friend!

 House-View-of-composite-deck-2 House-View-of-composite-deck-1


Lemonade Stand by Angela and Peytin – My Windsor Project Contest Entry

The following project was submitted by Angela for the My Windsor Project Contest

My fondest memory as a kid was stopping at lemonade stands with my parents any time we saw one. When I had kids I vowed to give them the same summer experience. We began with creating a plan. My experience as an Architectural Technologist helped me to create the perfect plan and parts list for my children’s lemonade stand.  My son who was three at the time took the list to our Regina Windsor Plywood store and asked them to provide him with the exact items on his list. I’ll never forget the look on the employees face when my tiny three-year-old walked up to the counter and asked “Could I please have all the items on this list?”  I have attached his list as well as the plan for his lemonade stand.  The employees at the store were extremely helpful and intrigued by our project.  They cut the lumber to suit my son’s list and essentially supplied us with a ‘lemonade stand kit to go’. They also provided us with the sign that says “Material Provided by Windsor Plywood” which was attached to the stand. We took home the cut lumber and proceeded to construct the stand.  My son was overjoyed at being able to construct and use power tools to build the stand.  Once the stand was built we went to our local home improvement store where my son picked out a stain colour for the stand.  He also painted it (mostly all by himself). The stand is a huge hit in our neighbourhood, especially on very warm summer days.  The kids can not wait for summer to begin so they can get the stand out for the season.
Lemonade-Stand-Plans Lemonade Material ListLemonade-Stand-PlansLemonade-stand-Assembling-legs-Front-of-lemonaide-standLemonaid-paintingLemonade-standLemonade-stand-finished

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