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Bubinga Table Slab

Handcrafted table made from a huge Bubinga slab from Windsor Plywood Saskatoon

Walnut Live Edge Table by Windsor Plywood Lloydminster

Highly Detailed Wooden Vehicles and Train by Earl- My Windsor Project

The follow story and pictures were sent in from Earl
I’ve been woodworking since I retired from BC Hydro in Nanaimo. Always get my lumber from Windsor Plywood in Nanaimo. I get my plans from Toys and Joys in Lynden Washington.

Excavating vehicles and logging trucks are in high demand. Each project takes about 2 weeks to complete, 5 hours per working day.

Right now I’m make 4 logging trucks on special order.

Hope this helps.


Live Edge Lumber Mantel Project from Cranbrook, BC

The store owner from the Windsor Plywood Cranbrook sent a few pictures to share with visitors.

Merry Christmas from Windsor Plywood!

Wood Christmas Tree

Would like to take this time to thank you for your support in 2015 and look forwards to many more projects in 2016! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from Windsor Plywood!



Ambrosia Maple Dining Table by Dan – Customer Projects

The following story and pictures were sent in from Dan at Integrity Woodworks. Dan can be reached for more information. Thank you Dan for sharing and we look forwards to more projects.

Finally, I am creating a dining set for the love of my life. Maple table top, black walnut bases, and figured black cherry sculpted chairs.

We started with a 12 foot long 13 ish inch wide 3-inch thick book matched set of big leaf maple slabs. bookmatched 12 foot Ambrosia maple slabs
First step was to cut both slabs in half length wise , three pieces becoming the top
anther the bench top

top pieces before removing live edge from center board
Top pieces before removing live edge from center board

Top in various stages of layout and glue up, with these I flatten with hand planes after glue up is complete and stable.

After about 40 hours of flattening , setting epoxy and three cherry (dovetail keys) aka bow ties or butterfly keys, sanding up to 320 grit silicone paper, extensive hand planning, card scrapping and some selective belt sanding, and finally, a hand rubber finish has been applied several times.

After my mind flipping back and forth on doing a crazy bent lamination to look like cast iron. My smarter half really liked the two completely different X base tables I had done a few years ago. We found the perfect piece of walnut to do the entire table base from 2″ thick x 15″ x 7′ long. Then we found a second board from same stock for bench legs!

Walnut for table base
Walnut for table base

I am on the finishing of legs now , then will get a little in depth here on how I attach the bases.

Civil War Replica Cannon by Ed – Customer Project

Ed stopped by the Windsor Plywood store in Great Falls to thank the staff for sourcing the wood used in this Civil War Replica Cannon.  White Oak was used in the carriage, Hickory for the wheel spokes and Elm for the wheel hubs.  The wood was sent to an Amish community in Ohio as they built quite a few for the Union during the Civil War and still have the knowhow.  This artillery piece shoots about a mile and a half ‘very accurately’ according to Ed.


Great-Falls-CannonPictured from left to right; Eric Gosshorn, Neil Hutcheson, Harvey Hacket, Mike Wedeknid, Kurt Stull and Mr. Ed Hinkle.

Model Hummer and Train by Al- Customer Projects

Pictures and story submitted by Windsor Plywood Langley.

Model hummer and train made by Al using mainly walnut and maple lumber.

hummer1 hummer2 hummer3train

Custom Sliding Barn Door Project by C.C. Reno

Project Before & Afters of an interior barn door visible rail system install by C.C. Reno. Custom door and hardware purchased through Windsor Plywood Langley.

cc_barndoor2 cc_barndoor cc_barndoor3

Custom Box for Wedding Gift – Windsor Langley Employee Project

Picture courtesy of Windsor Plywood Langley

Custom box, handcrafted by Dave from our door shop. It was a wedding gift for customer.



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