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Woodworking Winner of the My Windsor Project Contest

Congratulations to:
Dennis of Armstrong, BC 

This highly detailed wooden bowl was turned by Dennis, a customer of Windsor Plywood Vernon store. The bowl is 14″ tall with main body made from Aspen with a ring of Blue Alowood. Inlay on the neck is Bubinga, Purpleheart and Blue Alowood.



Dennis resides with his family in the beautiful Okanagan Valley in the interior of British Columbia. Shortly after retiring from a career as a Boilermaker Superintendent, Dennis decided to more actively pursue one of his many artistic hobbies, woodworking.  Soon afterwards, a neighbour introduced him to the art of turning bowls on a wood lathe.  Well a passion soon arose.  From simple solid piece bowls Dennis quickly moved on to designing more complex segmented bowls that allowed more of his artistic side to come through.

Dennis Hassen 006
Each and every bowl is a one-of-a-kind original creation.  Using a variety of the abundant local woods and some exotic woods blended together Dennis creates bowls with unique forms and colour matches.

Dennis Hassen 008When an interesting piece of wood presents itself, Dennis also turns solid piece bowls, trying best to exploit the natural grain and colour of the wood into an eye pleasing shape.

Once again, congratulations to Dennis and his fantastic project!

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Maple Burl Fruit Bowl

Maple_Bowl_Fruit_CUDescription: Fruit bowl that Steve O’Neill from Windsor Plywood Kamloops turned out of a Maple Burl. Come into the Kamloops store and ask Steve how he did it!

Maple Burl Fruit Bowl

Maple_Bowl_Fruit_CUSteve O’Neill from Windsor Plywood Kamloops location turned out this bowl out of a Maple Burl.

As quoted from The Wikipedia on Burls: Burls yield a very peculiar and highly figured wood, prized for its beauty and rarity

Come into the store and ask Steve how he did it.

Bowl made from a Maple Burl

Bowl made from a Maple Burl.


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