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Wagons Ho!

These chuck wagons were made for the Sam Steele Parade. The Windsor Plywood store in Cranbrook donated 6000 feet of veneer to make the wheels for the wagons. They were used for chuck wagon races.
The races were composed of 4 people pulling, one driver and 2 outriders on bikes. It was a blast to participate in and a real chuckle to watch.
In total, 10 of these small wagons were made for the community event.
All donations went go towards building houses for low-income families in the Kootenays area.

Windsor Plywood Gingerbread House Wins Contest and Donates Funds Back to Charity

img_0110Windsor Plywood Cranbrook has claimed first prize in the Gingerbread House contest for the local Boys and Girls Club.

Owner Steve has donated the entire $500 prize back to the Boys and Girls Club charity.

An additional $140 was also raised at an auction for the actual gingerbread house. It measures 3 feet by 4 feet and is made from 3 gallons of icing, Baltic Birch plywood framing, gingerbread logs, real rocks, plenty of candy and required 10 hours of work.

It was a great chance to give back to the community and put some smiles on kids’ faces.

Windsor Plywood plans on being a sponsor at next year’s event and will also provide small gingerbread houses for children to assemble.

The contest garnered 30 entries, 40 gift baskets and 12 decorated trees which were sold at auction and silent bids. Over $7000 was raised and lots of fun was had!
img_0109 img_0107 img_0106

Windsor Plywood Donates Materials to UBC SailBot Project

Every year more than 60 students from the University of British Columbia come together to design and build a fully autonomous sailboat, a Sailbot.

This summer, a team of engineering students from the University of British Columbia is hoping its 5.5-metre-long boat will sail into the history books as the first seafaring vessel to successfully traverse the Atlantic entirely solo.

UBC’s sailbot plans to launch in August and sail 2,900 km, three-week journey across the Atlantic Ocean all on its own to Dingle, Ireland.

Windsor Plywood wanted to be part of this impressive achievement and donated materials to the project.
From the Team Captain, Serena “I have fond memories of working with the MDF, stringers and plywood you sent to us in 2014! I was on the Mechanical Team at the time and it was my first time ever using power tools in the early days when I drilled, sawed and shaped your wood under the guidance of Dave Tiessen, who was the Mechanical Team Lead at the time. I think many members go through tremendous growth in their time on the team, and thank you for giving us the resources to do this.”

If you would like to follow Ada’s progress as she goes across Canada and then across the Atlantic Ocean, you can do so at the blog:

More pictures:
Facebook page:

2016 7 16 UBC Sailbot Sponsorship Appreciation Night_Clare_Kiernan 211
Strong back-jan2014Frames and Stringers-March2014Cedar_Strips-May2014Carbon Fibre Prep-Sept2014First_Layers of Carbon FibreKeel -July2015Construction_of_rudder-July2015Wiring_and_pre_for_Painting-March2015Keel_and_Rudder_Prep-March2015Ada_UBC_Sailbot_Trials1Ada_Sailbot_TrialsAda_UBC_SailBot_Team

Windsor Plywood Donates Materials to the Small Talk Plywood Cup

The following pictures were shared from the Windsor Plywood Vancouver.  The parts of the story were sourced from website.


Windsor Plywood donated materials to the annual Small Talk Plywood Cup held on June 18th, 2016. Dozens of amateur boat builders gathered at Granville Island on Saturday afternoon to race in the fundraising event.

Seven teams of four had 90 minutes to build a single-person boat from plywood to travel across approximately 300 metres of False Creek as part of the fundraiser for Small Talk B.C., a language therapy centre for young children.

In addition to time constraints, the teams had limited tools to build their boats.

They were supplied with:

  • two large sheets of plywood
  • a rod of lumber
  • one roll of duct tape
  • one bag of nails
  • a small handsaw
  • a hammer
  • yardstick
  • a safety cutter
  • one pencil

The next race takes place on June 17th, 2017

The original story can be found at this link.


Small_Talk_Plywood_cup_logo Windsor_Plywood_boat

Person-in_plywood_boatKelly Anderson

Lloydminster (Alberta) Home Show feature: Austrian Mappa Burl

Here is a few shots of a slab the Windsor Plywood Lloyminster prepared for the Home & Garden show in Lloydminster, Alberta.. It’s Austrian Mappa Burl and it looks like golden silk. Finished with a Livos Oil.

slab1 slab2 slab3

Movember Pie-stache Fundraiser with The Pie Hole Bakery


The “pie”stache

The Windsor Plywood store on 7th & Fir participated in a successful fundraiser for the Movember campaign on November 21st.
The Movember campaign encourages participants to grow moustaches to support men with prostate and testicular cancer and mental illness.
It featured Movember themed treats from Vancouver’s “The Pie Hole” bakery. Jenell Parsons, the owner/baker set up an in-store booth. She sold tasty “pie”staches with lemon and blueberry pie fillings to “dip” the mustache in. As well, she had her “To die for” butter tarts for sale as well.
Jenell raised $90 towards Prostate Cancer research and Windsor met her donation total of $90 from the store.
A big thanks to goes to Jenell and The Pie Hole for donating time, a booth and tasty treats for the day!

Jenell and store manager Marlon

Jenell and store manager Marlon


Left to right: John (Windsor), Jenell (The Pie Hole) and Bernard (Windsor)

John (Windsor), Jenell (The Pie Hole) and Bernard (Windsor)


Left to right: Thane, Marlon & Earthstar Jai Smith (Windsor)

Left to right: Thane, Marlon & Earthstar Jai Smith (Windsor Staff)


Left to right: Kirsten and Jenell

Left to right: Kirsten (Windsor) and Jenell (The Pie Hole)


Salvage and Reclaimed “Haunted House” Lumber!

P1010920The wood is actually called “London Plane” lumber. Planted about 1913, salvaged from the grounds of an allegedly haunted institutional home owned by the City of Vancouver.
The wood sawyer’s description: Kiln dried, milled, quarter sawed (except for some of the big wide slabs). Quartered to bring out the grain. The wood has a nice salmon color. Stunning grain, colour and figure. Some of the smaller pieces are just amazing. There is a nice collection of slabs for tables, good usable boards for projects and re-sawing and some unusual shapes good for artists and designers. Most is 2 1/4” and 3 1/4” thick.

P1010971Call your local Windsor Plywood store to see if any are left!

More information found here

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