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Movember Pie-stache Fundraiser with The Pie Hole Bakery


The “pie”stache

The Windsor Plywood store on 7th & Fir participated in a successful fundraiser for the Movember campaign on November 21st.
The Movember campaign encourages participants to grow moustaches to support men with prostate and testicular cancer and mental illness.
It featured Movember themed treats from Vancouver’s “The Pie Hole” bakery. Jenell Parsons, the owner/baker set up an in-store booth. She sold tasty “pie”staches with lemon and blueberry pie fillings to “dip” the mustache in. As well, she had her “To die for” butter tarts for sale as well.
Jenell raised $90 towards Prostate Cancer research and Windsor met her donation total of $90 from the store.
A big thanks to goes to Jenell and The Pie Hole for donating time, a booth and tasty treats for the day!

Jenell and store manager Marlon

Jenell and store manager Marlon


Left to right: John (Windsor), Jenell (The Pie Hole) and Bernard (Windsor)

John (Windsor), Jenell (The Pie Hole) and Bernard (Windsor)


Left to right: Thane, Marlon & Earthstar Jai Smith (Windsor)

Left to right: Thane, Marlon & Earthstar Jai Smith (Windsor Staff)


Left to right: Kirsten and Jenell

Left to right: Kirsten (Windsor) and Jenell (The Pie Hole)


Salvage and Reclaimed “Haunted House” Lumber!

P1010920The wood is actually called “London Plane” lumber. Planted about 1913, salvaged from the grounds of an allegedly haunted institutional home owned by the City of Vancouver.
The wood sawyer’s description: Kiln dried, milled, quarter sawed (except for some of the big wide slabs). Quartered to bring out the grain. The wood has a nice salmon color. Stunning grain, colour and figure. Some of the smaller pieces are just amazing. There is a nice collection of slabs for tables, good usable boards for projects and re-sawing and some unusual shapes good for artists and designers. Most is 2 1/4” and 3 1/4” thick.

P1010971Call your local Windsor Plywood store to see if any are left!

More information found here

Giant Hardwood Trees Brought Up from the Bottom of the Panama Canal (See Video)

In 1913, while building the Panama Canal, Theodore Roosevelt created what was then the world’s largest man-made lake (Gutan Lake) by damming the Chagres River and flooding an old growth jungle the size of Montreal. Ninety-seven years later, using submersible hydraulic chain saws lubricated with vegetable oil, these perfectly preserved tropical hardwood trees are being harvested from that underwater jungle.

Canal_Zapatero_screenThe Species: Canal Zapatero (Hieronima alchorneoides)

Appearance: Heartwood is dark reddish brown. Sapwood is mild reddish brown. Medium but pronounced grain pattern, usually straight or interlocked. Moderate lustre. Overall rich and warm. Very consistent color and grain.

Species Characteristics: Very hard and durable. Naturally resistant to decay, funguses and termite attack. Odourless and tasteless.

Uses: High quality furniture, veneers, wall panelling and general carpentry and millwork. Well suited for indoor and outdoor use. Very hard and very suitable for solid or engineered flooring or decking.

Work Properties: Canal Zapatero is easy to saw and work with hand tools, good to moderately good to plane, excellent for turning, mortising, boring, moulding and sanding. Nailing is difficulty and pre drilling is recommended. It finishes very well. Two or three coats of sealer are recommended. Because of the woods natural beauty it is recommended to use a transparent finish.

Hardness: Janka hardness – 1700. Excellent in high traffic areas.

Go to and find a location nearest to you.


Armadillo Composite Decking

Armadillo Grooved DeckingComposite has never looked better. Armadillo’s “hardshell” is permanently fused to its composite core. The unique composition of the outer layer provides better control over pigmentation, resulting in a denser, richer color, more variation and a more realistic look.


Armadillo’s super hard exterior shrugs off scuffs, stains and boasts superior resistance to fading.

OUT OF SIGHT: Armadillo’s grooved planks enable the use of the Rhino Deck hidden fastener system. It provides a clean, uninterrupted look and quick installation.

• 20 year manufacturer’s warranty including 2 year defect parts replacement warranty

• 5/4” x 6” – 12’, 16’ & 20’

• 5 colours

Armadillo Deck Available Colours




Custom Fishing Nets for Breast Cancer Auction

Shari MacLellan, Co-Director Prince George Run for the Cure, George Hackle of Windsor Plywood Prince George and Bill Rushton of Rushton Landing Nets with nets that were auctioned off with proceeds to Run for the Cure

Shari MacLellan, Co-Director Prince George Run for the Cure, George Hackle of Windsor Plywood Prince George and Bill Rushton of Rushton Landing Nets with nets that were auctioned off with proceeds to Run for the Cure

Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation CIBC Run for the Cure will be at Fort George Park for Canada Day to wrap up Paint Canada Pink Week, the national countdown to the September 30 fundraising run. “We will have give aways and lots of information to encourage people to participate in the run. So look for us under the pink tent at Fort George Park on Sunday,” says CoRun Director Shari MacLellan. And thanks to a generous donation from Windsor Plywood Prince George and Rushton Landing Nets, organizers will also be holding a silent auction for a custom handcrafted wooden fishing/landing net at their booth at Canada Day. “We are thrilled that Bill Rushton was kind enough to donate these unique nets to help us raise funds for the Run for the Cure,” says CoRun Director Renee McCloskey. Rushton has been making his handcrafted wooden landing nets for 12 years utilizing exotic and domestic hardwoods from Windsor Plywood.

The Brown Model

The Brown Model

Burnaby Employees enter Vancouver’s Tough Mudders Event

June, 2012 Suad and Joshua of Windsor Plywood Burnaby were participants in the

Suad, crazy/excited friend and Josh get amped up for the challenge!

Suad, crazy/excited friend and Josh get amped up for the challenge!

Vancouver edition of  Tough Mudder and helped raise funds for the Wounded Warrior Project.

Suad shows off the pipes and cool shirt

“I am the guy to win the Tough Mudder!”

The Tough Mudder adventure challenge are hardcore 10 – 12 mile obstacle courses designed by British Special Forces to test all around strength, stamina, mental grit, and camaraderie. The two day event had over 16,000 participants. Suad, Joshua and a good friend all did well with a few cuts and bruises, but emerged the following work day with no broken bones.

Suad and Joshua have also been nominated for the 2012 Sawchuk Award for the most creative use of a Windsor Plywood vehicle decal for their event t-shirts! Great idea!


Motorcycle Ride For Dad: Windsor store owner receives award

Ed Johner pictured with Ride Captains for the Winnipeg Ride for Dad chapter


Motorcycle Ride For Dad

Windsor Store Owner Receives National Award
November 14, 2012 Press Release

OTTAWA, ON: Garry Janz, President, Motorcycle Ride for Dad Canada recently presented the President’s Award to Winnipeg’s own Ed Johner, at the annual national summit. Johner was selected for his outstanding contributions to the fight against prostate cancer through the Motorcycle Ride for Dad Manitoba Chapter.

Ed Johner, owner of Windsor Plywood Century Street outlet in Winnipeg, is one of the founding members of the Manitoba Motorcycle Ride for Dad.

The President’s Award is presented each year to one volunteer who not only helped lead Chapters to achieving remarkable success, but who also chose to incorporate their passion for fighting prostate cancer and the Ride For Dad in their daily lives, reaching out to make a significant impact in their overall community.

“We were honoured to present the award to Ed,” said Janz. “His commitment to the Ride for Dad and to improving awareness about prostate cancer is inspirational to not only those who know him personally, but to the many who have read his story in the local paper or have seen him speak. It’s humbling to know the impact that his dedication will bring to helping saving men’s lives in Manitoba and right across Canada.”

“So many Ride for Dad volunteers are worthy and deserving of this award,” said Johner.

Motorcycle Ride for Dad

“It was a shock to have been chosen and I am honoured and blessed to be able to give my time to this organization. To be recognized for this work is truly humbling”

Since the event began in Ottawa in 2000, over $8,700,000.00 has been raised for the cause. What began as a single city event takes place now in 29 Canadian cities and will expand even further next year.

Jeff Johner of Windsor Plywood Winnipeg Main Street and Jim Lothian of  Windsor Plywood Winnipeg Pembina Hwy are also founding members of the Manitoba Chapter of the Ride for Dad which has raised almost $400,000 for  prostate cancer research and awareness programs.  The 2013 Manitoba Motorcycle Ride for Dad happens Saturday, May 25th.

For more information on visit

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