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Civil War Replica Cannon by Ed – Customer Project

Ed stopped by the Windsor Plywood store in Great Falls to thank the staff for sourcing the wood used in this Civil War Replica Cannon.  White Oak was used in the carriage, Hickory for the wheel spokes and Elm for the wheel hubs.  The wood was sent to an Amish community in Ohio as they built quite a few for the Union during the Civil War and still have the knowhow.  This artillery piece shoots about a mile and a half ‘very accurately’ according to Ed.


Great-Falls-CannonPictured from left to right; Eric Gosshorn, Neil Hutcheson, Harvey Hacket, Mike Wedeknid, Kurt Stull and Mr. Ed Hinkle.

Live Edge Maple Slabs Custom Stained for Customer

The following pictures were sent in from the Lloydminster, Alberta Windsor Plywood store. The project consisted of two pieces of live edge Maple that were custom stained in-house by one of the staff, Carly.
Here’s a  description, “For the sanding I used the Festool Rotex sander started with 80 grit and worked up  to 220 grit.  I used Varathane brand Oil based stain in the dark walnut colour. And finished with the Varathane brand oil based clearcoat– semi gloss. Hand sanded in between coats 220 grit up to 600 grit for the finish sand”

WP-Stained-Maple-Slab1-web WP-Stained-Maple-Slab1a-web WP-Stained-Maple-Slab1b-web WP-Stained-Maple-Slab1c-web WP-Stained-Maple-Slab1d-web WP-Stained-Maple-Slab2-AFTER-web WP-Stained-Maple-Slab2-AFTER2-web WP-Stained-Maple-Slab2-AFTER3-web WP-Stained-Maple-Slabs-web
Carly-sanding-Live-edge-CU-Web 2015-06-26-14.38.46-web Carly-sanding-Live-edge-web

Bill’s Desk Made from Panama Canal Wood- My Windsor Project Contest Entry

This desk was made from Panama Canal hardwoods. It was purchased from Windsor Plywood in Fort St. John.


rodgers new building 004

What makes this wood special was it was reclaimed from the Panama Canal. In 1913, while building the Panama Canal, Theodore Roosevelt created what was the world’s largest man-made lake (Gutan Lake) by damming the Chagres River and flooding an old growth jungle the size of Montreal. Ninety-seven years later, using submersible hydraulic chain saws lubricated with vegetable oil, these perfectly preserved tropical hardwood trees are being harvested from that underwater jungle.

See below or click this link for more information.

Hobbit House by Arnie – My Windsor Project Contest Entry

My husband spent his summer building this hobbit house for our son. I was afraid at first as it started to take over our backyard, I thought he was in over his head…but he build this beautiful structure that my son and his friends love to play in. We have had many visits from all our neighbours wondering why there is grass hanging over the top of our fence and why there is a chimney stack sticking up from the mound of grass! We have even been told our neighbours have seen people hanging over the fence trying to take pictures of our hobbit house! Hope you enjoy 🙂

DSC_0838 DSC_0840 DSC_0843 DSC_0849 IMG_5688

Custom made Live Edge Roasted Curly Birch and Mountain Pine Beetle Serving Trays

section_of_serving_trayThe following pictures and story were sent in by Roman Muntener from the Red Rooster Bakery, Prince George, BC.

“I just like to combine my blacksmithing with natural elements such as natural rock and, in this case, wood. No two pieces are the same, I love the organic feel of live edge wood as is the case in the sample, natural rock and free-form forged steel. I did a bunch of trays for my own use and then I was asked to do a few more for friends, now my wife has persuaded me to do a few for the Farmers’ Market … so it goes. 

So far, I’ve used pine-beetle killed pine off of my property but then I checked out the selection of different wood at the Windsor Plywood Prince George

Mountain Pine Beetle

Serving Tray from mountain Pine beetle wood

shop and was offered this beautiful 4ft piece of roasted curly birch which the folks at the store kindly sliced in half for me. Now I have two 4ft pieces with live edge that I had sanded down to a thickness of 30mm.

The birch piece I cut from the narrow end of one of the boards is rather small at about 360mm x 300mm x 30mm. It is simply sanded, rubbed with mineral oil and finished with beeswax. The

handles are hand forged steel, wire brushed and clear coated. 

I am by no means what you’d call a

Serving tray made from live edge curly roasted Birch

Serving tray made from live edge curly roasted Birch

“woodworker” but I love the feel, look and touch of natural materials.”

Feel free to contact Roman at his email, website, or call 1-250-560-5000

Background on the Live Edge Roasted Curly Birch:
– The lumber is Red Birch from New Brunswick.
– The ‘roasted’ term describes how the wood is kiln dried for a longer than normal schedule at a higher temperature. This causes the natural sugars in the wood fibre to caramelize, giving the wood a darker colour tone. When done carefully, this method of drying also makes the wood more stable (less movement when the relative humidity fluctuates) which is important for applications such as mantels.

Live Edge Wood Slabs

LiveEdge_LangleyLive edge wood slabs that are truly unique and wonderful pieces. Many people use these for constructing their own furniture like table tops, mantels, counter tops or for any other clever creation you can dream up including desktops, shelves or as feature items. These pieces are individually unique and are a real eye opener, “people cannot stop touch the edges” says Matthew of the Langley store.

No two pieces are alike. If you’re looking for something that is different from the next door neighbor, call or drop by your local Windsor Plywood and ask what’s in store.


Close up of the edge of a table. It has been stained and finished for the glossy look.

Cutting a 4″ Thick Zapatero Wood Slab for a Customer

The manager from the Windsor Plywood store in Calgary (South East) sent in these pictures. The store carpenter was making a custom cut to a slab of 4 inch thick Zapatero for a customer. The carpenter was using a Maktia 5402NA Circular Saw with a stock 16-5/16″, carbide tip, 32 tooth blade.

For more information about the wood, see the Zapatero description under the pictures.


Zapatero-slab-2Zapatero-slab-3Zapatero-slab-cutMakia-15-inch-circular-sawTaken from the World of Woods:
Canal Zapatero (Hieronima alchorneoides)Appearance: Heartwood is dark reddish brown. Sapwood is mild reddish brown. Medium but pronounced grain pattern, usually straight or interlocked. Moderate lustre. Overall rich and warm. Very consistent color and grain.Species Characteristics:Very hard and durable. Naturally resistant to decay, funguses and termite attack. Odourless and tasteless.Uses: High quality furniture, veneers, wall panelling and general carpentry and millwork. Well suited for indoor and outdoor use. Very hard and very suitable for solid or engineered flooring or decking.Work Properties: Canal Zapatero is easy to saw and work with hand tools, good to moderately good to plane, excellent for turning,  mortising, boring, moulding and sanding. Nailing is difficulty and pre drilling is recommended. It finishes very well. Two or three coats of sealer are recommended. Because of the woods natural beauty it is recommended to use a transparent finish. Hardness: Janka hardness – 1700. Excellent in high traffic areas.

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