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A Mbira (African Thumb Piano) – Employee Project

The following was shared from the Windsor Plywood Victoria Saanichton (Keating) store

A Mbira (African thumb piano) made by Mark, one of the fine employees here at Windsor Plywood Keating. The top is Siamese Rosewood, with Maple sides and a Purpleheart bridge. This instrument looks and sounds unique.

African_thumb_piano_top_side African_thumb_piano_top African_thumb_piano_side African_thumb_piano_front

One-of-a-Kind Electric Guitar

One-of-a-Kind-Electric-GuitarAnother custom electric guitar by Yves Begin.

Built from scratch using wood all bought from Windsor Plywood in Airdrie, Alberta.

It has a Purple Heart top, and the back wood is Mahogany with a Bubinga and Purple Heart laminated neck.

Quoted from Yves “This thing sounds great!”

Electric Guitar by Paul Deneve

Electric Guitar by Paul DenevePaul purchased his materials from the Windsor Plywood store in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada.

Paul has also made bows, flutes and canoes.

Custom Bass Guitar

Name: Matt Welsh
Location: Langley, BC
Windsor Store: Langley, Surrey and Burnaby, BC

Description: A custom bass guitar Matt made for a local musician. The body is two pieces of Walnut finished with a ‘Black Mahogany’ dye under semi-gloss lacquer.  The neck is five laminations of Maple and Merbau with an Ebony fingerboard, and was finished with Polimerized Tung Oil. Matt got the wood from three different Windsor Plywoods, Langley (Merbau), Surrey (Walnut), andBurnaby (Maple).

Electric Guitar

Electric_Guitar_by _YvonElectric Guitar by Yvon Begin.

Made from flame maple. With indian rosewood fretboard, body is 1″ black walnut sandwiched between 5/8″ hard maple top and 5/8″ hard maple back.

Materials sourced from Windsor Plywood Airdrie


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