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Wooden Paddles

Joe from Thunder Bay makes these beautiful wooden paddles, using 99% of his woods from Windsor Plywood in Thunder Bay!

He makes between 100 and 200 a year and ships them throughout Canada, the USA and worldwide. Check out Joe’s paddles and other creations at:

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Cedar Wishing Well

George in St. Andrews, Manitoba made this Wishing Well out of 5/4 cedar topped with 2×8 cedar, #4 undercoarse shingles and some scrap 4×4 to hold up the roof. Cetol 1 Butternut for protection against weather. George said “My wife didn’t want a bucket, but next time she’s out it will appear”. ¬†ūüėÄ

Cherry Rocking Chair

My name is Keith and I am a weekend woodworker. I made this chair out of cherry. It is a reproduction of a Sam Maloof rocking chair. Sam made rockers for Jimmy Carter & Ronald Regan. The legs meet the seat with a Maloof joint to provide maximum strength. The back legs meet the seat at 5 degrees. So I needed + & – 5 degree router bits. The rockers are made of laminated 1/8″strips . The front legs are turned on a lathe. Like most woodworkers I don’t have all the tools I would like so I made my own jigs to achieve the result I needed. Most of the fun of building any project is figuring out how to get the result you want. It’s like a puzzle ūüôā Happy woodworking!

Mechanical Pendulum Clock Made from Baltic Birch Plywood

The following story was sent in from a blog reader.

My name is Jerrod, and I am a 35-year-old amateur woodworker in my spare time with a background in Engineering. I am currently living in Calgary, Alberta.

I came across your blog of customer projects and thought I would throw a few pics of my own project at you. This is a clock I made almost entirely from Baltic Birch Plywood and some brass hardware and rods. If you guessed that the pieces are laser cut, you are correct. I design all parts on my computer and cut them on my own laser cutter. Just because they are laser cut doesn’t mean there isn’t still plenty of gluing, sanding, staining and finishing work.

I originally bought some plans for another clock online and studied them until I understood how clocks work. After gaining an understanding of them and a lot of trial and error, I finished designing this one. Hundreds of hours were spent during the initial design (maybe even a thousand if you count testing)  but each clock can now be built in about a week of spare time. I know it seems like a lot of hours but I am an amateur, and I am self-taught at making clocks. Any future designs I expect should come along a lot quicker.

I have made a few of these clocks for myself and some family members. They are simple, quiet, reliable, accurate and have been running for over 7 years with no issues. It was originally just a hobby, but now I think I would like to sell the occasional one. I have set up an Etsy store called WoodGearClocks. Feel free to check out some the styles and colors.

Etsy store URL:

Windsor Plywood Vancouver Donates Materials to the Small Talk Plywood Cup Fundraiser

The Windsor Plywood Vancouver store has donated materials to the annual Small Talk Plywood Cup held on Saturday, June 16th, 2018.

Dozens of amateur boat builders will be attending the one day event at Granville Island to compete in the race.

The teams will have 90 minutes to build a single-person boat from plywood and travel across approximately 300 metres of False Creek as part of the fundraiser for Small Talk B.C., a language therapy centre for young children.

Your involvement in this fundraiser would make a significant difference.  This is how you can participate:
  • Register your Corporate Team¬†in the race and get pledges. ¬†The Plywood Cup goes to the team with the most pledges raised. ¬†(Registration fee: $500.00)
  • Donate money¬†(via cheque payable to Small Talk, paypal or cash)
  • Volunteer your time¬†for helping out before, during and after the event.
  • Join us¬†the day of the event and cheer on the teams.

Go to Small Talk BC website for more details and race schedule.



Custom Rocking Chair by Alistair

Hi my name is Alistair, I live in Calgary AB.
Below is a rocking Chair I built from a variety of wood, it is made from walnut, cherry, ash, poplar and spruce most of which was purchased from the south location Windsor Plywood in Calgary.

The chair is 43 ply’s glued up and then carved with chainsaw, angle grinder and chisels then sanded with an orbital sander down to hand sanding to a 400 grit. The finish is a pre-catalysed lacquer that has been sanded between coats and polished.

It was a super fun project and I look forward to making more of these, thanks for all your great products Windsor Plywood!!

You can see my other work at


Wagons Ho!

These chuck wagons were made for the Sam Steele Parade. The Windsor Plywood store in Cranbrook donated 6000 feet of veneer to make the wheels for the wagons. They were used for chuck wagon races.
The races were composed of 4 people pulling, one driver and 2 outriders on bikes. It was a blast to participate in and a real chuckle to watch.
In total, 10 of these small wagons were made for the community event.
All donations went go towards building houses for low-income families in the Kootenays area.

Windsor Plywood Gingerbread House Wins Contest and Donates Funds Back to Charity

img_0110Windsor Plywood Cranbrook has claimed first prize in the Gingerbread House contest for the local Boys and Girls Club.

Owner Steve has donated the entire $500 prize back to the Boys and Girls Club charity.

An additional $140 was also raised at an auction for the actual gingerbread house. It measures 3 feet by 4 feet and is made from 3 gallons of icing, Baltic Birch plywood framing, gingerbread logs, real rocks, plenty of candy and required 10 hours of work.

It was a great chance to give back to the community and put some smiles on kids’ faces.

Windsor Plywood plans on being a sponsor at next year’s event and will also provide small gingerbread houses for children to assemble.

The contest garnered 30 entries, 40 gift baskets and 12 decorated trees which were sold at auction and silent bids. Over $7000 was raised and lots of fun was had!
img_0109 img_0107 img_0106

Windsor Plywood Donates Materials to the Small Talk Plywood Cup

The following pictures were shared from the Windsor Plywood Vancouver.  The parts of the story were sourced from website.


Windsor Plywood donated materials to the annual Small Talk Plywood Cup held on June 18th, 2016. Dozens of amateur boat builders gathered at Granville Island on Saturday afternoon to race in the fundraising event.

Seven teams of four had 90 minutes to build a single-person boat from plywood to travel across approximately 300 metres of False Creek as part of the fundraiser for Small Talk B.C., a language therapy centre for young children.

In addition to time constraints, the teams had limited tools to build their boats.

They were supplied with:

  • two large sheets of plywood
  • a rod of lumber
  • one roll of duct tape
  • one bag of nails
  • a small handsaw
  • a hammer
  • yardstick
  • a safety cutter
  • one pencil

The next race takes place on June 17th, 2017

The original story can be found at this link.


Small_Talk_Plywood_cup_logo Windsor_Plywood_boat

Person-in_plywood_boatKelly Anderson

Barrel Back Boat by Randy Weflen

Thanks to the Windsor Plywood Nanaimo location for sending these pictures.

We don’t have a lot of details to share about this project, but the pictures are fantastic. The contributor, Randy Weflen is a craftsman from Vancouver Island that specializes in high-performance, eco-friendly wooden surfboards.

boat sealed and stained
Glen l barrelback

Photo courtesy: (Deborah Baic/The Globe and Mail)

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