Custom Dining/Games Table by Danny from Integrity WoodWorks

The following email was sent in by Danny from Integrity WoodWorks. Danny is a custom wood craftsman with over 25 years experience in antique restoration, character home restoration and custom wood furniture.

This was a custom Dining-Games table built for a client. All the wood was hand selected from Windsor Plywood Airdrie.

The client wanted the table to serve a double purpose; as a dinning and games table. I saw it in a different direction and designed a fine dining table that morphs into a very cool games table.
Complete with LAD style of lights around playing surface, custom drink holders that attach to the bottom of the skirts. When not in use, the drink holders disappear and know one would know they existed. A custom opener was constructed to remove the top section. Handy when it’s time to set up for games. One of the coolest ideas for the table, was the user can put the tongue and groove table top over the already, setup game, have a big dinner and come back and continue on with the games.

This piece incorporate hand cut joinery: mortise tenons, floating tenons on long rails.

Equipment used for this project was a router, 6″ jointer and 12″ thickness planner. All the rough stock was planed in-house by Danny.

The tables was then finished off with a hand rubbed urethane finish.

Fantastic job Danny! Look forwards to seeing more projects!

If you wish to contact Danny, his email address:

Rough-lumber-Integrity-woodworkLumber-for-table-top-Integrity-woodwork Table-clamps-Integrity-woodworkGluing-table-top-Integrity-woodworkIMG_1554 Unfinished-table-top-Integrity-woodworkIMG_20150605_135842 Finished-table-Intergity-woodwork Hidden-cup-holders-Intergity-woodwork Game-table-by-Intergity-woodwork Game-table-by-Intergity-woodwork3gamestable2 Game-table-by-Intergity-woodwork4 Game-table-by-Intergity-woodworks1 Cards-on-table-Intergity-woodwork

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