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Know Everything About Mouldings

Mouldings can dramatically increase the look and appeal of any room. Our selection is so extensive, we couldn’t possibly show it all. By far, our MDF mouldings are the most popular with do-it-yourselfers and contractors for their workability. Read more..




How to Install Mouldings Video Part 1 and 2

Bryan from Windsor Plywood in Kamloops has made a short video showing how to install and “tricks of the trade”. Part 1 and Part 2



stain_brush_and_scottHow to Stain New Wood Decks

Make your new or existing deck last for years. It’s not difficult and with the right amount of research and time, it can be easily accomplished by the do-it-yourselfer. Here’s a few tips. Read more..



Rosewood--measure-thickness-thumb How to Measure Hardwood Lumber (convert lineal feet to board feet)

Hardwood mills sell their product by volume, not by length. The unit of measure is the “Board Foot”. Read more…




How to Install Rhino Deck Vision composite decking
Read more…