Four Wooden Crate Coffee Table by Gerry – Customer Projects

This coffee table was inspired by a picture of one made of four wooden crates. The top is wide strips of solid cherry and narrow strips of Peruvian walnut with edging of the same. The strips are glued together using biscuits, the top was made in four pieces then joined together with glue and biscuits, then the edging was added. The body is 3/4″ cherry plywood faced with strips of cherry. Finished with 6 coats of Minwax Tung Oil Finish.

The center area of the top has an adjustable shelf (covered with rocks in the picture, could hold a vase with plants if the shelf is put lower) and will eventually have a optional walnut piece that will be flush with the top.

This probably took 80 hours to make, used table saw, jointer, thickness planer, router, biscuit joiner, random orbital sander.


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