How to Stain New Wood Decks

Sikkens-Deck-and-stain-cansHow to Stain New Wood Decks

Even though you have purchased kiln dried lumber there is still too much moisture in your fence or deck material to provide a good dry base and assure proper penetration of the stain or coating. Let the wood dry out for 2 – 3 weeks of good warm summer weather allowing the pores on the wood to open up and let the stain penetrate the wood there by assuring good penetration and adhesion. If you are building a new deck or fence, you should pre-stain the underside and hard to reach areas prior to building.


On Cedar, Pine or Spruce Decking using a clear finish
If the weather doesn’t allow for 2 – 3 weeks of good warm weather and the wood does get weathered you may have to wash the material with a good quality deck wash.

Radius Edge Decking
It is recommended that you under coat the bottom side of the material there by providing a seal to the bottom edge of the decking. The radius edge design of the material tends to force rain to roll down the side and cluster under the decking which can develop into an excess moisture build up and cause the coating to break down or cause the material to decay.

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