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Live Edge Wood Slabs for Tables, Fireplace Mantels, Bar Tops and More!

Live edge wood slabs that are truly unique and wonderful pieces. Many people use these for constructing their own furniture like table tops, mantels, counter tops or for any other clever creation you can dream.
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Giant Hardwood Trees Brought Up from the Bottom of the Panama Canal

In 1913, while building the Panama Canal, Theodore Roosevelt created what was then the world’s largest man-made lake (Gutan Lake) by damming the Chagres River and flooding an old growth jungle the size of Montreal. Ninety-seven years later, using submersible hydraulic chain saws lubricated with vegetable oil, these perfectly preserved tropical hardwood trees are being harvested from that underwater jungle.
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The World’s Oldest Timber Construction is Determined

Researchers have determined the age of the world’s oldest timber constructions: the 7000-year-old well of Altscherbitz near Leipzig.
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Motorcycle Ride For Dad: Windsor Plywood store owner receives award

Motorcycle Ride for Dad Canada recently presented the President’s Award to Winnipeg’s own Ed Johner, at the annual national summit. Johner was selected for his outstanding contributions to the fight against prostate cancerRead more…



Windsor Burnaby employees enter Tough Mudder Adventure Challenge

Burnaby Employees enter Vancouver’s Tough Mudders Event

Suad of Windsor Plywood Burnaby was participant in the Vancouver edition of Tough Mudder and helped raise funds for the Wounded Warrior Project. Read more…




Custom Fishing Nets for Breast Cancer Auction

A generous donation from Windsor Plywood Prince George and Rushton Landing Nets, organizers will also be holding a silent auction for a custom handcrafted wooden fishing/landing net. Read more...