Lemonade Stand by Angela and Peytin – My Windsor Project Contest Entry

The following project was submitted by Angela for the My Windsor Project Contest

My fondest memory as a kid was stopping at lemonade stands with my parents any time we saw one. When I had kids I vowed to give them the same summer experience. We began with creating a plan. My experience as an Architectural Technologist helped me to create the perfect plan and parts list for my children’s lemonade stand.  My son who was three at the time took the list to our Regina Windsor Plywood store and asked them to provide him with the exact items on his list. I’ll never forget the look on the employees face when my tiny three-year-old walked up to the counter and asked “Could I please have all the items on this list?”  I have attached his list as well as the plan for his lemonade stand.  The employees at the store were extremely helpful and intrigued by our project.  They cut the lumber to suit my son’s list and essentially supplied us with a ‘lemonade stand kit to go’. They also provided us with the sign that says “Material Provided by Windsor Plywood” which was attached to the stand. We took home the cut lumber and proceeded to construct the stand.  My son was overjoyed at being able to construct and use power tools to build the stand.  Once the stand was built we went to our local home improvement store where my son picked out a stain colour for the stand.  He also painted it (mostly all by himself). The stand is a huge hit in our neighbourhood, especially on very warm summer days.  The kids can not wait for summer to begin so they can get the stand out for the season.
Lemonade-Stand-Plans Lemonade Material ListLemonade-Stand-PlansLemonade-stand-Assembling-legs-Front-of-lemonaide-standLemonaid-paintingLemonade-standLemonade-stand-finished

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