Peel and Stick Metal Wall Tiles- Discontinued Product

This product has been discontinued. Check you nearest Windsor Plywood store for availability.

Durable scratch, splash and heat resistant polyurethane finish. Smooth, easy to keep clean finish. Doesn’t require spacers or grout. Tiles bend to create perfect corners with less cutting and no wasted off cuts. Lighter weight 3” x 6” tiles are easy to work with and allow maximum adhesion. JUST PEEL AND STICK!


  • 3mm x 76.2mm x 152.4mm
  • 2.6mm PVC core sandwiched between two 0.2mm aluminum faces
  • Brushed aluminum with color polyester coating
  • Stainless color with long grain
  • Can be bent around corners, small radius curves or pipes (after cutting channels into back layer)
  • Tiles can be cut into shapes using a coping saw, hack saw, chop saw or carbide-tipped blades
  • 5 year residential manufacturer’s warranty


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