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Music and Craft Room Project by Selena – My Windsor Project Contest Entry

An room in our unfinished basement was finished to create a music/craft room.

Custom built-in shelves and curved desk were made out of 3/4″ melamine and trimmed with white iron-on melamine edging. A Kregg shelf pin jig was used to create custom shelf heights. The built-in shelving unit was trimmed with MDF mouldings – baseboard #514 for the two vertical pieces for the centre shelving section, S4S #MFSP105 & sash bead #9532 were used to create the custom header for the built-in shelves. Built-in shelf backer board was made out of particle/MDF board and painted a contrasting colour for a pop of colour.

The S4S #MFSP105 & sash bead #9532 mouldings were used to trim out the top of the doors (French & solid core).

1/2″ MDF was used to make a custom window sill and jambs for the window. The S4S #MFSP105 & sash bead #9532 mouldings were also used to trim out the top of the window.

Materials used:

– 1/2″ MDF (window sill and jambs)

– White iron-on melamine edging (used on all built in melamine shelves)

– 3/4″ melamine (for built in shelves and built desk)

– 11/16″ x 4-9/16″ (MFSP105) S4S MDF moulding

– 1/2″ x 1-3/8″ (9532) MDF sash bead moulding

– 1/2″ x 5-1/4″ (514) MDF baseboard moulding

– Particle/MDF board

– Shelf pins

– Kreg shelf pin jig

For the Doors

Materials used:

– 2 x 24 inch hollow core interior door (slabs)

– Pine door jamb

– 32 inch solid core interior door (pre hung)

– Door hinges

– Door lever style handles

– MDF moulding for finishing

Solid core doors was used as entrance door to a music room. Solid core door was used to reduce noise. Hollow core doors were hung (by us!) as French doors on closet. French doors allow easy access to musical instruments. Moulding was used to trim out doors.






image-6 image image-2

Checker Board

Checker Board- Iain Sewell

Checker Board- Iain Sewell


Name: Iain Sewell
Location: Calgary, AB
Windsor Store: Calgary, AB

Description: Checker board made with Wenge and Ash squares and a Red Oak border. Checker pieces are made from Ash and Purpleheart. Finish is Danish Oil on the checker pieces and Varathane Diamond Coat for the board itself.


How to Measure Lumber (convert lineal feet to board feet)

14.6 Board feet of Santos Rosewood

14.6 Board foot of Santos Rosewood- One of the many exotic woods from Windsor






Hardwood mills sell their product by volume, not by length. The unit of measure is the “Board Foot”, which represents a surface area of one square foot, one inch thick.


To convert linear feet to board feet, use this formula:

Thickness (in inches) x Width (in inches) x Length (in inches)








Hardwood is normally measured in the rough before kiln drying and that measurement stays with it for life. Trimming and planning adds some waste and all lumber shrinks in kiln drying. The universally established practice is for the wholesaler to sell the lumber on the basis of adding an average allowance for the kiln drying to his own tally. The additional is usually 7%. When hardwood is sold at the retail level, this allowance is usually already included in the tally.

Sound confusing? It gets easier with practice. Why not drop into Windsor and try out your new found measuring skills. Windsor stocks a good supply of fine hardwoods.

One board at 1” x 6” x 120″ = 5 board feet

eg: 1” x 6” x 120″
––––––––––––––––– = 5 BF

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