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Bob and the Wooden Dragon – Customer Project

Bob is a customer of Windsor Plywood Kamloops. Bob loves to make unusual and intricate wood projects like this incredible intarsia dragon he made as a surprise for his son.

All the wood is the natural colour of wood with no stains used. The green is Amarillo poplar, Red is Padauk, Brown striped is Wenge, wings are Lacewood Maple. Tagua nuts were used for the teeth and fangs.

The piece was finished off with high-gloss laquer to bring out the richness of the wood grain and enhance the depth.

It is one incredible piece of work. Awesome job Bob!

Want to see more of Bob’s projects? Bob has a Facebook page:

One-of-a-Kind Electric Guitar

One-of-a-Kind-Electric-GuitarAnother custom electric guitar by Yves Begin.

Built from scratch using wood all bought from Windsor Plywood in Airdrie, Alberta.

It has a Purple Heart top, and the back wood is Mahogany with a Bubinga and Purple Heart laminated neck.

Quoted from Yves “This thing sounds great!”

Full Operational, Wooden Shovelhead Replica Engine


The following story and pictures were sent in from the manager at the Windsor Plywood Edmonton (West) store in Alberta.
“We had a customer come in with a project that he would like featured on the blog. His name is Ken and he has put 200 hours into the project. He has built a 1966 shovelhead replica engine out of wood purchased at Windsor Plywood. The engine is fully operational, and can be taken apart to see the interior components. It operates exactly like a Harley-Davidson engine, with the pistons following instead of firing opposite of each other like an import bike. This piece was amazing, and isn’t his only one! He has built a V8 replica complete with blower, and Ken was working on making a functional intake and exhaust for it.”

Wooden-Engine-b-400 Wooden-Engine-a-400Looking for a closeup for a future build?
No problem, click (or right click-save as) on this link for a large 1956 x 1884 pixel image
The file is over 2 mb and may take awhile to download.

Walnut Spice Cabinet and Jewelry Box

Walnut Spice box

Walnut Spice Cabinet and Jewelry Box by John Milne – Windsor Plywood Vernon. Made from Walnut shorts. Each box is 19 1/2” high, 16” wide, 11 1/2” deep. Face has been book matched from a solid piece. The back can be removed to access a secret compartment and a slot at top for important papers. Approximately 100 man hours went into this project.

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