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Don’s Zapatero Bar Top and Oak Coffee Table

The following email was shared from West at Windsor Plywood Nanaimo.

Here are pictures of the bar top I made from the Zapatero wood I purchased from Windsor Plywood in January 2018. I also included a picture of the coffee table I made from the live edge oak I also bought from you.

Both pieces of wood are beautiful, and came out really well.

Thanks again.


Looking for more information? Watch the YouTube video about Canal Zapatero

Beach house kitchen table made from reclaimed Zapatero slabs

Beach house Kitchen table. Panama Canal reclaimed Zapatero slabs, with an inlay strip of Maple. Sent in from a customer of Windsor Plywood Regina.

Zapetero slabs Maple Strip Beach kitchen Regina
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Zapetero slabs Maple Strip Beach kitchen Regina2

Cutting a 4″ Thick Zapatero Wood Slab for a Customer

The manager from the Windsor Plywood store in Calgary (South East) sent in these pictures. The store carpenter was making a custom cut to a slab of 4 inch thick Zapatero for a customer. The carpenter was using a Maktia 5402NA Circular Saw with a stock 16-5/16″, carbide tip, 32 tooth blade.

For more information about the wood, see the Zapatero description under the pictures.


Zapatero-slab-2Zapatero-slab-3Zapatero-slab-cutMakia-15-inch-circular-sawTaken from the World of Woods:
Canal Zapatero (Hieronima alchorneoides)Appearance: Heartwood is dark reddish brown. Sapwood is mild reddish brown. Medium but pronounced grain pattern, usually straight or interlocked. Moderate lustre. Overall rich and warm. Very consistent color and grain.Species Characteristics:Very hard and durable. Naturally resistant to decay, funguses and termite attack. Odourless and tasteless.Uses: High quality furniture, veneers, wall panelling and general carpentry and millwork. Well suited for indoor and outdoor use. Very hard and very suitable for solid or engineered flooring or decking.Work Properties: Canal Zapatero is easy to saw and work with hand tools, good to moderately good to plane, excellent for turning,  mortising, boring, moulding and sanding. Nailing is difficulty and pre drilling is recommended. It finishes very well. Two or three coats of sealer are recommended. Because of the woods natural beauty it is recommended to use a transparent finish. Hardness: Janka hardness – 1700. Excellent in high traffic areas.

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