Simple Window Flower Box Project

Window-Box-assembledSimple Window Flower Box Project

Does the exterior of your home need a little dressing up? This window flower box is so easy you can make two or three in a few hours. So build a couple now and try your hand at planting some fall varieties of flowers or make it a winter workshop project.

1. Purchase flower box tray inserts made of fibreglass reinforced plastic.

2. Purchase 1″ x 6″ pressure treated or Western Red Cedar wood.

3. Cut from 1″ x 6″ three 34-3/4” pieces for the face, back and rails two 10’ pieces for the ends.

4. Using a jigsaw set a 45 degree angle bevel cut one of the 34 ¾ pieces into one 2-1/4 top mounting rail one 3-1/4 bottom mounting rail.

5. Slightly round the front edges of each end and cut the curved detail if desired into the bottom of the face board using a jigsaw.

6. Using three No. 6 x 2-1/2″ galvanized screws at each end, attach both ends of the box to the front face. Countersink each screw head slightly. Assemble all the pieces on a flat surface to make sure the board edges align.

7. Using no.6 x 1-1/2 galvanized screws, secure the top mounting rail to the back piece, flush to the top edge.

8. Inside both end pieces mount the back assembly flush to the top with the rail to the outside of the box. Use no.6 x 2-1/2 galvanized screws. Countersink each screw head slightly.

9. Putty over the screw heads and sand the box. If you plan to paint apply coat of primer then a top coat of an exterior enamel.

10. Drill three ½’ holes in the tray bottom with a layer of coarse gravel or small loose rock then fill with potting soil and plant your flowers.

11. Using four no.6 x 3’ galvanizing screws attach the bottom mounting rail to the wall location. Drop the top rail piece onto the bottom rail piece to mount the box on the wall.

Using this rail set up you can instantly remove the box for transplanting plants or for storing at the end of the growing season.


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