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Super Wide Parota Slabs

A few pictures to share of some super wide Natural Live Edge Parota Hardwood. Some of these pieces measure up to 57″ wide by 160″ long. Parota is primarily Central America, as well as Mexico and northern South America. Trees grow from 65 – 100 ft tall and 5 – 8 ft in diameter.
Check out your local Windsor Plywood store for stock and selection.


Marks Maple and Cherry Furniture Project

The following story and pictures were shared from Windsor Plywood Langley:

I thought I’d drop you a few pics of the stuff I’ve been building with your material.

1st is a really low quaility pic of the bookcases and fireplace mantle. All made of Maple and Maple plywood. These are the 1st pieces I made and I kinda wish I’d used Cherry.

After that, I started in on the living room. Everything is solid Cherry, no plywood (with the exception of the sides of the corner cabinet). It was a bit of a pain to plan the table tops, but they turned out OK.

Hope you enjoy the pics.

Marks-coffee_table-600Marks-planer-600Marks-hutch-600 Marks-mantel-600 Marks-sidetable-600

Huge Hardwood Slabs

Westlock_hardwoods-picWestlock’s got wood! Looking for Something Unique? Come in and check out our huge slabs of wood – Ideal for bar tops, tables,counters, mantels or whatever you can dream up! Various sizes and types. Shown here is store manager Jennifer and some of the selection from Windsor Plywood in Westlock. Selection varies from store to store.

How to Measure Lumber (convert lineal feet to board feet)

14.6 Board feet of Santos Rosewood

14.6 Board foot of Santos Rosewood- One of the many exotic woods from Windsor






Hardwood mills sell their product by volume, not by length. The unit of measure is the “Board Foot”, which represents a surface area of one square foot, one inch thick.


To convert linear feet to board feet, use this formula:

Thickness (in inches) x Width (in inches) x Length (in inches)








Hardwood is normally measured in the rough before kiln drying and that measurement stays with it for life. Trimming and planning adds some waste and all lumber shrinks in kiln drying. The universally established practice is for the wholesaler to sell the lumber on the basis of adding an average allowance for the kiln drying to his own tally. The additional is usually 7%. When hardwood is sold at the retail level, this allowance is usually already included in the tally.

Sound confusing? It gets easier with practice. Why not drop into Windsor and try out your new found measuring skills. Windsor stocks a good supply of fine hardwoods.

One board at 1” x 6” x 120″ = 5 board feet

eg: 1” x 6” x 120″
––––––––––––––––– = 5 BF

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