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Big Addition to a Small Cabin by George – My Windsor Project Contest Entry

As we are now living in our cabin as a year round home our plan was to make the kitchen bigger and make room for a proper water filtering system. We started by enclosing our existing 12’ x 14’ covered overhang. We also moved the dining room wall 4’ to the west. This meant rearranging the existing bathroom and by doing so we converted an existing bedroom into an ensuite and mechanical room. WE are only days away from having everything done  (has been a long 4 months). Part of the problem was the original cabin is 50 years old, it has a 30-year-old addition and we are using modern building techniques. The doors are from Windsor Plywood and are made from Brazilian Plantation pine. The cedar beams and all of the pine trim and baseboards are also from Windsor Plywood. We are very pleased with the results and have received a number of compliments.

-152 & 154-exisitng covered deck prior to construction
-173 & 174-covered deck framed in
-193- old living room – 734 & 735 new living room
-194-old bathroom-744 new bathroom
-226-old bathroom from old laundry room-743 new
-242-from proposed new kitchen looking through gutted bedroom that was converted to ensuite and mechanical room-731 & 742 new
-247-dining room wall moved over 4’ -728 new
-248-from proposed kitchen through new dining room and living room-738 new
-250-fom LR through DR and kitchen with old ceiling-728 new
-901-picture of doors before installation
-902-West LR wall-736 new
-730, 731 and 733-new photos

152 154 173 174 193 194 226 242 247 248 250 901 902 IMG_0728 IMG_0731 IMG_0732 IMG_0733 IMG_0734 IMG_0735 IMG_0736 IMG_0738 IMG_0740 IMG_0741 IMG_0742 IMG_0743 IMG_0744

Customer Project- Kitchen Island Made from a Slab of Live Edge Parota

Kitchen-Parto-slabThe following picture sent in from Windsor Plywood Langley store. It features a kitchen island made from a slab of Parota live edge. Looks fantastic!

Parota is also known as Guanacaste, Raintree or Kelobra is like Acacia in appearance but easier in workability. A fast growing hardwood that is popular with bowl turners, carvers, furniture/cabinetry designers and boat builders.  More pictures and information can be found at the Windsor Plywood website.

IMG_3243-2 IMG_3244-2 IMG_3245-2 IMG_3246-2

Peel and Stick Metal Wall Tiles- Discontinued Product

This product has been discontinued. Check you nearest Windsor Plywood store for availability.

Durable scratch, splash and heat resistant polyurethane finish. Smooth, easy to keep clean finish. Doesn’t require spacers or grout. Tiles bend to create perfect corners with less cutting and no wasted off cuts. Lighter weight 3” x 6” tiles are easy to work with and allow maximum adhesion. JUST PEEL AND STICK!


  • 3mm x 76.2mm x 152.4mm
  • 2.6mm PVC core sandwiched between two 0.2mm aluminum faces
  • Brushed aluminum with color polyester coating
  • Stainless color with long grain
  • Can be bent around corners, small radius curves or pipes (after cutting channels into back layer)
  • Tiles can be cut into shapes using a coping saw, hack saw, chop saw or carbide-tipped blades
  • 5 year residential manufacturer’s warranty


Kitchen Helpers

Wooden spoons shouldn’t be stored in a drawer with metal utensils and knives. They should be out in the open where they can be seen when needed. Your spoon supply, counter or wall space will determine the size of these projects. When hung on a wall, the racks will look better finished in an oil or stain. Or, if you would like it to match the spoons, just leave it natural.

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